Radiology Technician Schools in New Jersey

Some interesting facts about Radiology schools in New Jersey

  • New Jersey boasts of some of the highest graduation rates in the nation with an all-time high of 100%
  • There is only one school offering a bachelor’s degree program in radiography
  • There are 14 universities and colleges offering a radiology degree program
  • There are 11 institutions offering associate degrees in radiology and 4 offering a certificate program on the same
  • The tuition range for universities and colleges in the state ranges around $18,000 to $1,700
  • The tuition range for radiology courses in career schools and community schools ranges in-between $25,300 and $3,900
  • New Jersey has one of the highest number of job opportunities for radiology technicians in the nation

How to become a radiology technician in New Jersey

Licensure is a must for all those planning to practice radiology in the state of New Jersey. The licenses are issued by the Bureau of X-Ray Compliance. The bureau is one of the many branches in the New Jersey department of Environmental protection. The main aim of the bureau is to upgrade the quality of radiation services offered to the citizens of New Jersey. This is why one of the main requirements for one to qualify for a state license is that they have to pass the required exams; ARRT or any state equivalent test. However, for those planning to specifically practice nuclear medicine, the qualification is to pass the NMTCB test. However before all these, one has to have graduated from an accredited radiology institution with at least two years under your belt. For those with bachelor’s degrees, a residency of at least 2 years is also compulsory.

Career opportunities for radiology technicians in New Jersey

Research done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in New Jersey shows that there are currently over 5,560 radiology technician job positions in New Jersey with a projected job growth rate of 9% by the year 2018. Most of these positions are available in the major New Jersey state hospitals, imaging centers as well as medical centers. Some of the popular radiology career positions venues in the state include the Morristown Medical Center, Jersey Shore University Medical Center and the Able Imaging Center.