Radiology Technician Schools in Wisconsin

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Some interesting facts about radiology schools in Wisconsin

  • There is no school in Wisconsin offering a certificate program in radiology
  • Wisconsin contributes up to 4% of the radiology accredited institutions within the United States
  • Radiology technicians in Wisconsin are some of the best paid professions in the medical field
  • There are 4 institutions offering a bachelor’s degree in radiology technology and 11 offering the associate degree
  • Wisconsin has one of the highest number universities and colleges offering the degree program in radiology; 15
  • The tuition range for career schools and community colleges for radiology programs is in-between $2,150 and $10,690
  • The tuition range for radiology programs at universities and colleges is in-between $7,900 and $21,200

How to become a radiology technician in Wisconsin

In order for you to qualify being a radiology technician in Wisconsin, you have to be licensed specifically by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. The first step for you to become licensed is to graduate from an accredited institution. This means sitting for your Medical College Admission Test which is basically a test that is required in order for you to be allowed to attend any medical school. Once you enter any of the available learning institutions, you will have to study for duration of 4 years in total. 2 of these years are dedicated to classwork and attending conferences. The remaining two are meant to be spent on the field as you interact with patients and the various conditions. Once you are done with the 4 years, the next step is to go for your residency. This stage is not always compulsory. It depends mainly on the level you are in. Residency will involve you spending time getting accustomed to the hospital setting in a learning hospital. It is only after this that you will be allowed to sit for the ARRT exam in order to get licensed.

Career opportunities for radiology technicians in Wisconsin

It is expected that there will be a job growth of up to 24% by the year 2020 in Wisconsin. Currently, there are approximately 4,800 job opportunities in Wisconsin. Hospitals, medical imaging facilities and physician offices offer one of the most common radiology career opportunities. Other options include children hospitals and government agencies.