Guest Post – Write for us

One of the best ways to promote your blog is guest posting. Plus, it allows you to share your opinions and your expertise with new people who are also interested in what you love. You can also use guest posting to promote your products and your social media accounts. At we love to publish guest blogs written by our wonderful readers. Therefore, we welcome your content, and encourage to send us your submissions. If your proposed blog posts meet our criteria, we’d love to welcome you on board.

Here’s the list of our criteria. If your post meets these requirements, please register to publish your post on the blog.

  • Your blog post must be unique. It must have been entirely written by you, and it must contain material you have never published before anywhere else. That is, either as a blog or article on another website or on your own website To serve our readers, we need to give them content that exists only here on Therefore, your blog post must also be exclusive. That is, you will not reprint the article anywhere else in the future.
  • We encourage you to link back to your own website, blog or a social media account within the content of your blog post. We also encourage you to include an author bio or resource section at the end of your blog post. That consists of one or two sentences about yourself, explaining what makes you an expert on the subject of your blog post. Tell our readers who you are, what you do and why they should pay attention to you. You should include another link within your author bio or resource box linking back to your website, a product, a blog or a social media account.
  • The link you include within the body of your blog post must relate to the topic of your guest post. We suggest sending them to a page of your website that offers additional information that’s relevant to the topic of your guest post. Linking to irrelevant content lowers our rankings with Google, and so we cannot allow that.
  • Once we publish your guest post, it’s good guest posting practice to promote your post through all your social media channels. We also ask you to interact with comments readers leave on your guest submission. You’ll make a deeper, stronger impression on our readers by answering their questions and engaging with their opinions.
  • The minimum length for guest blog posts is 1,000 words. Google’s algorithm encourages longer posts, and our readers also prefer them. Longer posts get more reaction, comments, shares and likes.
  • We have the right to reject any submitted article or to make light editing or formatting changes. However, we will not make extensive changes. If we believe your submitted blog post will not help our readers, we will reject it. If we reject your article, you retain all rights to it to use as you wish.
  • Submit your pitch/idea via email to [@] , we usually respond within 24 hours.