You Know You’re A Radiologist When…

All right. You’ve completed the course work and you’ve put in the time. Your blood, sweat, and tears have granted you the paper in your hands that says you have earned the title of being a radiologist. That’s all well and good, but here are some sure signs that you have truly made it in your profession:

  • You own scrubs in every color of the rainbow.
  • Copies of your first x-rays are hanging on your wall at home.
  • You see x-rays in your dreams.
  • You count skeleton bones when you can’t fall asleep.
  • You sing “Dem Bones” in the shower.
  • You decorate a skeleton with Christmas lights for the holidays.
  • You love Superman because he has x-ray vision.
  • ER, Grey’s Anatomy, and St. Elsewhere are your favorite TV shows.
  • You cried when “House” was cancelled.
  • You picture x-rays of people when they are walking down the street.
  • Your saving up for your own x-ray machine.
  • You’ve display photo albums of your x-rays on your coffee table.


  • You get excited when people talk about CT scans.
  • You think an MRI is like a thrill ride.
  • You encourage all of your friends to get x-rays.
  • Your home movies all involve x-ray equipment.
  • You play x-ray games on the computer.
  • You surf medical apps for fun.
  • You hope you can break a bone so you can study your own x-rays.
  • Your idea of a vacation is to study more test results.
  • You pass out hand sanitizer at parties.
  • You wash your hands at least 20 times a day.
  • You buy toy sets with skeletons in them.
  • You love Halloween for the skeleton decorations.
  • You’ve constructed a life-size model of a skeleton for your child’s school project.
  • When you make love, you tell your partner about every bone.


  • You’re thinking about hanging skeleton lights to decorate your house.
  • Your shrubbery is shaped like a skeleton.
  • You have made wreaths out of edible dog bones.
  • You make a jello mold that looks like a skeleton.
  • Your favorite children’s books all have bones in them.
  • You hope somebody really breaks a leg when it’s time to do a play.
  • You wish you could see a ghost’s bones in all of the movies.
  • You’re favorite part in CSI is when they show someone’s skeleton.
  • You have a porcelain skull for a candy dish.
  • You wear skeleton earrings every day.
  • You made all of your locks work with skeleton keys.
[/list] You’ll know you’re a radiologist without a doubt when you go to sleep with your scrubs on. If you start picking out lab coats for Christmas, you are really in trouble! If your family sends you books about the latest in x-ray technology, you have definitely made it in the world of radiology!

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