Online Radiology Tech Programs

A vital component of getting a radiologic technologist degree from one of the online radiology tech programs is abundant experience managing equipment in the lab. Radiologic technologists will not actually be required to diagnose patients themselves, but a thorough understanding of the imaging equipment and the images will help you function better within an active, real-world healthcare environment.

Students will also be expected to be capable of exercising their own discretion with the performance and accuracy of all standard medical imaging procedures.

Due to the hands-on experience necessary for most accreditations, online radiology tech programs are currently only viable with prerequisite courses and experience. However, many universities offer partial or full online radiology programs, especially at the Bachelor’s level.

If you have already obtained a certificate program or an Associate’s degree, or if you have work experience and wish to progress your career, you can choose to take online courses in order to become more specialized in a certain aspect of radiology in a way most flexible to your schedule.

Regardless of whether a student is gaining their education online or through traditional means, radiologic technology students need to earn a 2.0 or higher in their related courses in order to qualify for advancement and accreditation.

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