Radiology Technician Schools in Delaware

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Some interesting facts about radiography schools in Delaware

  • There are no schools in the state offering radiology science certificate programs
  • There are no institutions offering bachelors’ degree programs in radiography
  • The annual tuition range for radiology universities and colleges in the state lies in-between $4,200 and $19,400
  • The annual tuition range for radiology programs in career schools and community schools is approximately $7,200
  • On average, the mid-level radiology technician in Delaware earns more than other mid-level technician in other fields
  • The average radiology student population in Delaware schools is about 3,500
  • There are 3 colleges/universities offering a radiology degree program and 3 learning institutions offering an associate degree program on the same
  • The annual average salary for radiology technicians in Delaware is about $59,000

How to become a radiology technician in Delaware

In order to practice radiology in Delaware, you need to be licensed. The office of Radiation Control is responsible for issuing of the licenses to new graduates and all those who want to renew their licenses. However, one of the requirements for you to qualify for the license is that you have to pass the ARRT test. On the other hand, there is no way you can sit for the test without having graduated from an accredited radiology learning institution in the state. The ARRT (American Registry of Radiology Technologists) certification documents are required in order to prove that you have passed the test. Other required documents for your license include a passport size photo, a signed application stating that you agree to all the state rules and any state recognized proof of identity. The license has to be renewed every two years otherwise you risk getting discontinued.

Career opportunities for radiology technicians in Delaware

As of the year 2010, there were 1,061 job opportunities for radiation technicians available in Delaware. This number is expected to grow by 24% by the year 2020 which means career opportunities will be more in the future. However, new graduates can get a chance to kick off their careers in various medical centers in the state such as the top hospitals, medical centers, clinics and physician offices. All these are viable options and ones that accommodate fresh graduates for job opportunities.