Radiology Technician Schools in Iowa

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Some interesting facts about radiology schools in Iowa

  • Iowa has one of the highest graduation rates in the nation among radiology institutions with over 25% of the state’s learning institutions having a graduation rate of 100%
  • There are only 2 schools in the state offering a bachelors program in radiography science
  • There are 13 universities/colleges offering the radiology degree program
  • There are 9 learning institutions offering an associate degree program and 3 offering the certificate program of the same
  • The annual salary for radiology technician in Iowa is $46,00
  • The annual tuition range for career schools and community colleges in the state lies in-between $2,600 and $6,200
  • The annual tuition range for radiology courses in universities and colleges lies in-between $7,100 and $26,000

How to become a radiology technician in Iowa

Unlike in other states, the Iowa Department of Public Health needs all the radiology to have a working permit rather than the license. The permit is what works as the license in this case. In order to qualify for the permit, you will be required to sit for the ARRT exams. Alternatively, there is what is referred to as the state radiography exam. It is also administered by the ARRT but is specifically meant for the state of Iowa. You can alternatively sit for this test. It is only after you pass the ARRT test that you can apply for the working permit. On other hand, in order to qualify to sit for the ARRT test, you are also required to have graduated from a recognized learning institution. Once you have received your permit, you will be required to renew it every 2 years. It involves 24 hours of continuing education credit. One of these credits has to be on radiation protection. This is as set by the state’s board of radiologists.

Career opportunities for radiology technicians in Iowa

The projected growth rate for radiology technician jobs in Iowa is estimated to be 24% by the year 2020. Currently, there are approximately 2,200 job opportunities. Most of these opportunities are found in major hospitals in the state. In addition to this, you might as well check in doctors’ offices, imaging centers, medical agencies and clinics. There are quite a number in the state most of which are open to giving new graduates job opportunities.