Radiologic Technologist Schools in Kansas

Were you a huge fan of mathematics and sciences in school? Then radiology would be the right profession for you. There are quite a number of radiology technician schools based within Kansas and its environs, all of which you can enroll in. The medical field, in general, is known to be one with immense career opportunities. The radiology sector to be specific is one with several opportunities; from hospitals to physician offices. As a medical specialty, radiology encompasses basically imaging of the human body to analyze various conditions and diseases. It has a number of branches namely; CT (computed tomography), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), PET (positron emission tomography), ultrasoundX-Ray radiography, and nuclear medicine. As a radiology specialist, your job will be to interpret the images acquired from any of these imaging techniques. Kansas is home to several radiology schools. To find them, one can simply perform an online search.

Interesting facts about radiology schools in Kansas

  • The highest median salary for a radiology specialist in Kansas is $45,750
  • Topeka registered the highest number of Doctorate degrees in radiology last year with over 6,000 students enrolling.
  • The city of Wichita has the highest percentage of Radiology jobs relative to the population within Kansas
  • Associate Degrees in radiology are the most common in Kansas radiology schools.

Becoming a radiology technician in Kansas

In order to be marketable in the job industry, it would be wise for one to acquire an associate degree or anything above it. However, if it is possible for one to acquire the associate’s and bachelor’s, the better! In order for one to qualify for the course, they should have good grades in physics, biology, mathematics, humanities, and chemistry. In addition to this, one has to be 100% mentally sane in order to function as a radiology technician. Lastly, there are also physical performance requirements. You will be required to pass both steps I and II in the United States Medical Licensing Examination. After this, you will also be required to go through the National Resident Matching Program. Here, you will work for at least 60 hours weekly in any government institution. The theory bit will go on for 24 months in which you will attend lectures, attend conferences, and go for demonstrations, clinical rotations, and laboratory exercises. After all these and passing the licensing examination, all you have to do is wait for your official license and you will be good to go. The last step will be looking for a job.

Career Opportunities for Radiology Technicians in Kansas

The most common work-set for new radiology graduates is in local Kansas hospitals. This is very good place to build one’s experience in radiology. You get to work 24-hour shifts. Working at such an institution will involve a number of night shifts, call-ins and probably continuous shifts when required. The pay is however good.

Clinics also offered career opportunities for radiology technicians. Some mobile companies and also physicians’ offices also offer steady 9-5 jobs.

Quick Facts

Radiologic Technology degree programs available in Kansas Universities and Colleges.

Certificate level program available

Associate degrees

Bachelors degrees

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Accredited Medical Imaging Programs In Kansas

including X-Ray Tech, Nuclear Medicine, Sonography

  • Fort Hays State University – Hays – JRCERT Accredited
  • Hutchinson Community College – Hutchinson – JRCERT Accredited
  • Labette Community College – Parsons – JRCERT, CAAHEP Accredited
  • Newman University – Wichita – JRCERT Accredited
  • University of Kansas Medical Center – Kansas City – JRCNMT Accredited
  • Washburn University – Topeka – JRCERT, CAAHEP Accredited


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