Radiology Technician Schools in Kentucky

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Some interesting facts about radiology schools in Kentucky

  • The highest graduation rate in radiology colleges in Kentucky is 81%
  • There are 6 institutions offering certificate programs in radiology
  • There are 2 schools offering bachelor’s degrees, 17 offering associate degrees and a total of 17 universities plus colleges offering degree programs in radiology techniques and science.
  • The average annual tuition for these institutions is approximately $15,000, with the lowest amount possible being $10,890.
  • On average, radiology technicians in the region earn more than those in other fields.
  • The projected growth rate for radiology jobs in Kentucky is estimated to be at about 25% by 2020.
  • The annual average salary for radiologic technicians in Kentucky is $49,000.

How to become a radiology technician in Kentucky

Unlike in most states, one is not necessarily required to be certified in order to work as a radiologist in Kentucky. This is according to the Kentucky Department for Public Health. The available state certification in the state is voluntary. However, in order to qualify for the certification, you have to have gone through an accredited institution. You are also required to have passed the ARRT (American Registry of Radiology Technologists) exam. In order to sit for this exam, you have to study for at least 4 years in an accredited institution offering radiology programs. Renewal of the license is supposed to happen every 2 years. The renewal will require you to pay a certain renewal fee as well as go for a sit-in continuing education of 24 hours. You are also required to fill in a renewal form.

Career opportunities for radiology technicians in Kentucky

Currently, it is estimated that there are around 4500 available positions in the state. The number is expected to grow to over 5500 by 2020. Each year about 180 jobs for radiology experts open up in Kentucky. This means there are ample job opportunities for new graduates. Some of these jobs are in the private sector with mobile companies, physician offices, and clinics offering job opportunities. In most cases, these are 9 to 5 jobs. Another viable option is from hospitals in the region. They offer the best place for new graduates to look for job opportunities in the state.