Radiology Technician Schools in Maine

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Some Interesting Facts about Radiology Schools in Maine

  • 3% of the country’s Radiology professionals work in the state of Maine
  • Radiology has a decline of 32% in Maine
  • The salary has a small decline, but is still good compared to others
  • Radiology professionals make, on average, more than most other related professions
  • 34% of graduates in Maine technician schools received an associate’s degree in Radiology

Getting Started as a Radiology Technician in Maine

When you try out for a profession like radiology, you’re going to require a bachelor’s degree as well as at least an associate’s degree in the graduate program relating towards radiology. Prerequisites for the profession are math, biology, organic/inorganic chemistry, physics and humanities. It’s also important to have high scores in the Medical College Admission Test. For Medical School, candidates will also benefit from having top ranking scores in Steps I and II of the United States Medical Licensing Examination. Additional training during the last year of medical school is also a must, and most radiology professionals go through the National Resident Matching Program working 60 hours a week with nights on call. A 1-3 year fellowship within neuroradiology or interventional radiology is required as well. After that you’ll receive an official license to become a Radiologist and you’ll be able to work in a number of regions requiring your specific skills.

Career Opportunities for Radiology Techs in Maine

The following are just a few cities within the state of Maine where graduated students are able to work after they receive their diplomas in the field.

Portland, Maine: Portland has many listings available for radiology technicians who are able to work with complex imaging equipment used to treat patients with several unique diseases in specific parts of the body that would otherwise be hard to locate and diagnose.

Augusta, Maine: There is currently a large demand for a number of radiology technicians to work within the Augusta region. They require technicians that can help assist the physicians currently treating people in the region.

Bangor, Maine: Radiology technologists are needed in the Bangor regions in order to help assist a number of medical specialists get the images they need in order to point out and have a detailed description of a disease or a trauma to the body. Many hospitals require this type of profession on a regular basis.

Lewiston, Maine: Radiology technicians are even required over in Lewiston, specifically for various MRI treatments. They can serve to help take image samples of the patients from within the MRI rooms.