Radiology Technician Schools in Missouri

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Some interesting facts about radiology schools in Missouri

  • The average population in radiology learning institutions in Missouri is approximately 17,000
  • There are over 10 learning institutions in the state offering associate radiography degrees
  • There are 4 institutions offering a certificate program in radiology, 6 offering bachelor’s degree program on the same and 19 universities/colleges offering a degree program in radiology science
  • Missouri boasts of one of the highest graduation rates in the nation (89%)
  • The annual tuition range for radiography courses in career schools and community college lies in-between $5,300 and $16,400
  • The annual tuition range for radiography courses in university and colleges lies in-between $33,500 and $5,900

How to become a radiology technician in Missouri

Just like in most states, you need to be a certified graduate in order to qualify for the license in Missouri. And in order to qualify to join an accredited learning institution from which you can graduate, there are a couple of requirements. For one, you will be required to have done some basic undergraduate courses such as biochemistry, math, physics, biology and chemistry. You will also be required to sit for the MCAT. It is only after this that you will be allowed to join a learning institution and choose whichever course fits you best. It is important to note that pursuing a degree along with an associate degree (or any other related course) via a dual program would make you more marketable. It is not a must though. Residency in any of the learning hospitals is also important and especially for those who have pursued the radiography degree. After all these, you can now sit for the ARRT test and get licensed.

Career opportunities for radiology technicians in Missouri

Currently, there are 4,780 job opportunities for radiology technicians in Missouri. This is according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The projected job growth for the state is said to grow to 20.6% by 2020 meaning more opportunities will open up in the future. At the moment, the best place to kick off your career as a radiology tech is in the major state hospitals such as the Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Alternatively, there are several imaging centers and medical facilities in the state willing to give new graduates job opportunities.