Radiology Technician Schools in North-Dakota

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Some interesting facts about radiology schools in North Dakota

  • There are no learning institutions in the state offering radiology certificate programs in the state
  • There are 4 universities and colleges offering general degree programs in radiography science
  • The average radiology student population in North Dakota is approximately 7,500
  • The tuition range for universities and colleges within North Dakota lies in-between $13,000 and $16,000
  • There are 4 learning institutions in the state offering a radiology bachelor’s degree program
  • The annual average salary for radiology technicians in North Dakota is about $46,500

How to become a radiology technician in North Dakota

Radiology technicians within North Dakota or those aspiring to be radiology techs have to attain state licensing in order to practice. The North Dakota Department of Health has set up a control program which allows each and every radiologist in the state to go through a comprehensive licensing process which involves sitting for the ARRT exams. Alternatively, you can sit for a state equivalent test. On the other hand, if you strictly practice x-ray imaging, there is a specific licensing program for you. You will have to sit for the ASNT (American Society for Nondestructive Testing) examinations. This is basically for the industrial radiographers. However, unlike in most states where renewal is done after 2 years; renewal of this licenses will be done after every 5 years. On the other hand, there are no specific continuing education requirements for the renewal process and especially for the x-ray technicians

Career opportunities for radiology technicians in North Dakota

As estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in North Dakota, the projected job growth rate for radiology technicians is about 25% until the year 2020. Currently, there are slightly less than 1000 radiology technicians employed in the state but new opportunities are coming about every year. Most of these opportunities are available for new graduates and are available in major state hospitals, medical centers, imaging centers, clinics as well as physician offices within the state. You can expect an average annual salary of about $46,600 for any of these job opportunities.