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When it comes to enhancing your career, there is no such thing as too much education. This is especially true when it comes to the medical field. As a medical professional in the area of radiology or cardiology, or as an individual that is still starting their professional medical career, a certification in Cardiac CTA Training can provide you with the boost that you need in your credentials and career. Below is an overview of cardiac CTA training and the top programs you can choose to get your training at.

What to Expect

When you undergo cardiac CT training at the first level, you gain knowledge in the methods and applications of cardiac CTA. The level 1 is a beginner course that aims to meet the Cardiac CTA Certification Requirements of the American College of Cardiology. These certification requirements include a familiarity with CCT, an ability to interpret CCT images, and understanding of the methods and applications of CCT. In addition to these, those that complete the course should be able to recognize radiation dose reduction, report findings in an accurate and succinct manner, and differentiate artifacts from pathology. The module for all programs are 50 cases and a final exam. Once the program is complete, you are required to take the verification exam offered by the Certification Board of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography.

Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography

The great thing about the cardiac CTA training course is that it is offered by some prime institutions throughout the country. The first of these institutions is the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography. This institution is geared towards professionals that are looking to increase their education in cardiovascular CT. Certification is available in nearly every region in the United States. Apart from level one, you can also choose from other levels if you desire to. The program is well recognized and it is accredited.

Cardiac CT Training

If you cannot find a program that is directly available through the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography, another option is to go through an institution that offers courses facilitated by the society. One of those institutions is Cardiac CT Training. The programs are intensive and comprehensive and they include all levels of cardiac CTA training. This particular program is only available in the Los Angeles area. The class sizes are very small, there is live instruction, there are 50 live classes per week, and there are even discounts for fellows and residents. To further provide credit to the program, the testimonials by students are very positive.

Virtual CME

If you are an extremely busy professional, then one consideration towards completing your cardiac CTA level one is to complete the program online. The program is facilitated by the Chandler Regional Medical Center. The only downside of this program is that it takes a bit longer to complete due to it being facilitated online. The program provides you with hundreds of mentored CTA training cases, 3D visualization, and at the end of the programs, you will receive the necessary credits towards your level one CTA. After completing the program you will be able to attain your full certification by completing the exam.

RIA Radiology Imaging Associates P.C.

The next program is offered by a private institution known as RIA Radiology Imaging Associates P.C. This program goes by fairly quickly, as it is a 2-day course that provides you with in-depth and hands on exposure in how to interpret a coronary CTA. The program requires you to review 100 cases. The entire course itself is taught by certified radiologists. At the end of the course, you will receive 20 hours of Category 1 CTA credits.

Level 2 Cardiac CTA Overview

There are a total of three levels to the cardiac CTA certifications. Upon completing the first level, you are able to continue your education and attain a level 2 and 3. The level 2 certification is considered an advanced program that requires you to analyze about 150 cases and complete 20 CTA units. With this program, you’ll use cardiac software and enhance your cardiac reading techniques. Over the course of the program, the cases become noticeably more difficult. The cases studies revolve around coronary artery disease, bypass, stents, congenital heart disease, vascular disease, and incidental findings.


There is nothing better than supplementing your professional career with certifications. The Cardiac CTA certification attained through an accredited and legitimate institution is one way to provide your medical career with the boost it needs to reach some great places. With the above programs, you can easily make your dreams a reality.

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