Radiology Tech Programs in Idaho

Radiology Tech Programs in Idaho
Last updated at August 16, 2021

Currently, there are about 1,050 job opportunities for radiology technicians in the state. However, the Department of Labor estimates that the projected job growth will be 39% by the year 2020. Most of these job opportunities are also open for new graduates. Read on to learn more about radiology tech programs in Idaho.

You can get some of these opportunities in the many medical centers available in Idaho as well as the imaging centers. In addition to this, the major hospitals in the region are also open to employing new graduates.

How to become a radiology technician in Idaho

Unlike most states in the United States, there are no certificates or licensing requirements in order for one to pursue a career as a radiology technician in Idaho. All in all, the majority of the employers in the state require one to sit for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) examinations in order to qualify for employment in their institutions or centers. In that case, you should first make sure that you graduate from an accredited institution after which you can sit for your ARRT test.

Depending on which course you decide to take, you will take in-between 2 to 4 years in schools and a couple more years in your residency for those pursuing a degree program. The residency is not compulsory but it is highly advisable. Applying in order to sit for the ARRT test will require you to pay a certain application fee and provide the necessary documents such as your graduation details. You will need to re-sit the test every 2 years.

Some interesting facts about radiology schools in Idaho

  • There are no learning institutions offering certificate radiology institutions in the state
  • There are only 2 schools offering the bachelor’s degree radiology program and 5 offering the associate degree program
  • There are 5 universities and colleges offering a general degree program in radiology
  • The average radiology student population in the state is approximately 12,000
  • The average annual tuition for radiology courses in universities and colleges lies in-between $5,900 and $13,700
  • The average graduation rate for radiology learning institutions in Idaho is about 31%
  • The projected job growth rate for radiology jobs in Idaho is 39%

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