Radiology Tech Programs in Massachusetts

Radiology Tech Programs in Massachusetts
Last updated at August 16, 2021
  • Over 3% of radiology professionals work in the state of Massachusetts
  • The Radiology field has shrunk by 19% in Massachusetts
  • Salary in Radiology continues to increase in Massachusetts
  • Radiology makes more on average than most professions
  • 28% of Massachusetts technician school students will earn an associate’s degree in Radiology

How to Become a Radiology Tech in Massachusetts

When going into the field of radiologic technology, you’re going to have to come across a wide selection of various prerequisites before being able to step foot in a medical facility. Prerequisites for the profession are math, biology, organic/inorganic chemistry, physics, and humanities.

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Career Opportunities for Radiology Techs in Massachusetts

The following are just a few cities within the state of Massachusetts where graduated students are able to work after they receive their diplomas in the field.

Boston, Massachusetts: Boston has many listings available for radiology technicians who are able to work with complex imaging equipment used to treat patients with several unique diseases in specific parts of the body that would otherwise be hard to locate and diagnose.

Cambridge, Massachusetts: There is currently a large demand for a number of radiology technicians to work within Cambridge. They require technicians that can help assist the physicians currently in the area.

Springfield, Massachusetts: Radiology technologists are needed in the Springfield regions in order to help assist a number of medical specialists to get the images they need in order to point out and have a detailed description of a disease or a trauma to the body. Many hospitals require this type of profession on a regular basis.

Worchester, Massachusetts: Radiology technicians are even required over in Worchester, specifically for various MRI treatments. They can serve to help take image samples of the patients from within the MRI rooms.