Radiology Tech Programs in Michigan

Radiology Tech Programs in Michigan
Last updated at August 11, 2021

The medical field is known to be one of the largest as far as job opportunities are concerned. Radiologic technology deals with imaging of various parts of the patient’s body in a bid to establish the condition they are suffering from. It has a number of sub-branches such as ultrasound, computerized tomography, and MRI. Today, we are going to help you find radiology tech programs in Michigan.

Michigan is home to a number of schools offering courses in radiologic technology. They offer a very good place to kick off a rewarding job career as a radiology technician. An online search for these institutions can also come in handy with a number of them being based on the internet. They offer a more flexible choice and tend to reduce your traveling expenses.

Some interesting facts about radiology tech schools in Michigan

  • About 4% of the radiology technicians in the United States of America is based in Michigan
  • The annual average tuition for career schools and community colleges in Michigan ranges from around $5,000 to $6,000
  • The average student population in the Maryland institutions offering radiology is 15,000.
  • The estimated job growth for Maryland in the radiology sector is approximated to currently be at about 10%

How to become a radiology technician in Michigan

You need to be licensed in order to practice radiology in Michigan. However, in order to get licensed, you need to go through all the necessary steps. For one, pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). To do so, you need to have a couple of undergraduate courses under your belt, preferably inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, math, physics, or biology. Any or a couple of them will give you an upper hand. In addition to this, you could also pursue both an associate’s and bachelor’s degree in order to make yourself more marketable. Pass the MCAT, go to class for 2 full years, another 2 years supervised in the medical field, and another 2 to 4 years in your residency. You can do your residency in any of the Michigan teaching hospitals. After this, fill in the license form and you will be on your way to pursuing a rewarding career as a professional radiology technician.

Career opportunities for radiology technologists in Michigan

For new graduates, the best place to kick off your career is at any of the state hospitals; most of which have been ranked nationally. Some of them include the Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak and Harper University Hospital. There are numerous credible medical centers in Michigan from which one can look for work.

If you want to work at a radiology-specific center, then an imaging center would be a perfect choice. There is quite a number in the region.

Quick Facts

Radiologic Technology degree programs are available in Michigan Universities and Colleges.

  • Certificate level program available
  • Associate degrees
  • Bachelors degrees

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Accredited Medical Imaging Programs In Michigan

including X-Ray Tech, Nuclear Medicine, Sonography

  • Baker College-Auburn Hills – Auburn Hills – CAAHEP Accredited
  • Washtenaw Community College – Ann Arbor – JRCERT Accredited
  • Kellogg Community College – Battle Creek – JRCERT Accredited
  • Lake Michigan College – Benton Harbor – JRCERT, CAAHEP Accredited
  • Ferris State University – Big Rapids – JRCERT Accredited
  • Ferris State University – Big Rapids – CAAHEP Accredited
  • Ferris State University – Big Rapids – JRCNMT Accredited
  • Baker College-Clinton Township – Clinton Township – JRCERT Accredited
  • Henry Ford College – Dearborn – JRCERT Accredited
  • Wayne State University – Detroit – JRCERT Accredited
  • University of Michigan-Flint – Flint – JRCERT Accredited
  • Grand Rapids Community College – Grand Rapids – JRCERT Accredited
  • Grand Valley State University – Grand Rapids – CAAHEP Accredited
  • Mid Michigan Community College – Harrison – JRCERT Accredited
  • Baker College-Jackson – Jackson – JRCERT Accredited
  • Jackson College – Jackson – JRCERT, CAAHEP Accredited
  • Lansing Community College – Lansing – JRCERT Accredited
  • Lansing Community College – Lansing – CAAHEP Accredited
  • Northern Michigan University – Marquette – JRCERT Accredited
  • Baker College-Muskegon – Muskegon – JRCERT Accredited
  • Baker College-Owosso – Owosso – JRCERT Accredited
  • Baker College-Owosso – Owosso – CAAHEP Accredited
  • Oakland University – Rochester – JRCERT Accredited
  • Oakland Community College – Southfield – JRCERT, CAAHEP Accredited
  • Delta College – University Center – JRCERT, CAAHEP Accredited


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