Radiology Tech Programs in Mississippi

Radiology Tech Programs in Mississippi
Last updated at August 16, 2021

The expected growth rate for radiology tech jobs in Mississippi is expected to be at around 21.8% by the year 2019 which means a significant increase from the current 1,910 positions available. To learn more about radiology tech programs in Mississippi, keep reading.

Some of the areas where one can pursue a career in this medical field include medical imaging centers, doctor offices, and major hospitals in the region such as the Singing River Hospital and the Forest General Hospital.

How to become a radiology technician in Mississippi

Just like in most states, one has to be licensed in order to practice radiologic technologies in Mississippi. This applies to both radiology technicians and radiology assistants.

Becoming a radiology tech requires passing the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) examination and going through the application process for your license. This process includes paying the application fee, providing the necessary documentation, and filling in the application form.

You will need to prove that you have graduated from a radiology institution. Their minimum requirement is that you have been in school for at least 2 years; this is for those pursuing the certificate courses.

However, for those pursuing the bachelor’s degree, you will need to prove that you have graduated from a 4-year program and have complete a residency in any of the recognized hospital schools in the state.

For those who plan on practicing nuclear medicine, you can choose between sitting for the ARRT or the NMTCB tests. There is a mandatory 24-hour continuing education credit for all licensed technicians. Renewal is done after every 2 years.

Some interesting facts about radiology schools in Mississippi

  • There are 0 institutions offering certificate radiology programs
  • Only one school in the state offers the bachelor’s degree program
  • Mississippi is home to 10 universities and colleges offering the degree radiology program and up to 9 other institutions offering an associate degree in radiology
  • The tuition range for colleges and universities within Mississippi lies in-between $3,000 and $8,00
  • The tuition range of radiology programs at community colleges and career schools lies in-between $3,600 and $4,600
  • The mean annual income for radiologist in Mississippi is $45,080
  • The projected job growth rate is expected to hit 21.8% by the year 2019
  • Radiology technicians in the state are paid better on average as compared to those in other professions

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