Radiology Technician Schools in Oklahoma

Some interesting facts about radiology schools in Oklahoma

  • The annual range of tuition for radiology programs in career school and community colleges is at $2,000 and $6,000
  • There are only 2 institutions in the state offering bachelor’s degree in radiology
  • There are 6 schools offering certificate programs, 8 offering associate degree programs and 15 offering degree programs in the same.
  • The average student population in the state is 10,500
  • The mean income for a radiographer in Oklahoma annually is $48,700
  • Oklahoma contributes about 6% of the total radiology accreditations in the United States
  • Radiology technicians in the state earn on average more than those in other medical sectors.

How to become a radiology technician in Oklahoma

Licensing of radiology technicians in Oklahoma tends to differ. For general radiology technicians, there is no licensing required. All that is required is for one to have graduated from an accredited institution. On the other hand, licensing is required for radiologist assistants. This means radiologists assistants have to go through the licensing process in addition to graduating from an accredited institution. Licensing in this case is done by the Oklahoma Medical Board. You should start off by submitting your written applications. Together with the application, one is required to pay a fee of $25. In order to get the practice license, you will have to provide the necessary ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologies) documents to prove that you have passed the test. For the renewal of the license, the radiology assistant will have to complete 50 hours continuing education credits as well as paying the required renewal fees. Normally, the Oklahoma Medical Board sends assistant renewal notices 2 months before the actual expiry date of the license.

Career opportunities for radiology technicians in Oklahoma

The Bureau of Labor Statistics in Oklahoma estimates that approximately 2,310 radiographers are working in the state. The estimated job growth is approximated to be 23% by the year 2018. Most of the positions available include in medical centers and the huge hospitals in the state such as the Oklahoma University Medical Center and the St. Anthony Hospital. There are several major hospitals in Oklahoma all of which offer good career opportunities to both radiographers and their assistants. Imaging centers and doctors’ offices also offer good career opportunities for radiology technicians.