Radiology Technician Schools in South Carolina

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Some interesting facts about radiology schools in South Carolina

  • 2% of radiology learning institutions in the nation are located in South Carolina
  • There are only 3 institutions offering certificate programs for radiology courses
  • There are 11 universities/colleges offering radiology degree courses and also 11 learning institutions offering associate degree programs
  • The average radiology student population per institution in South Carolina is approximately 9,000
  • There is no institution offering bachelor degree programs for radiology in the state
  • For community colleges/career schools, the tuition range on an yearly basis is somewhere between $7,000 and $10,100
  • Currently, the number of occupied job positions in the radiology sector are 3,240
  • The estimated job growth by 2018 is 16%

How to become a radiology technician in South Carolina

The process of becoming a radiology technician in South Carolina basically involves 2 main phases; accreditation in a radiology learning institution and licensing. The learning phase starts off with one sitting for the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) of which you are expected to pass with flying colors. This phase will last for duration of four years. Two of these years are spent attending lectures and conferences. In other words, this will be the theoretical bit of the learning phase. The remaining 2 years make up the practical bit of the learning phase. You are required to have regular supervised contact with all sorts of patients and learn your way through the hospital setting. Once you are done with the 4 years, the next step is to go for your residency. Depending on where it is you go for the residence, one can take up to 4 years. In the licensing phase, the South Carolina Radiation Quality Standards Association is responsible for offering the licenses. They offer licenses to radiology technicians specifically practicing nuclear medicine technology, computed tomography, bone densitometry, radiography and radiation therapy.

Career opportunities for radiology technicians in South Carolina

Statistics by the Bureau of Labor Statistics based in South Carolina show that currently 3,200 individuals are working in the radiology sector. The number of jobs available is expected to grow by 16% by 2018. For new graduates, there are over 80 hospitals in South Carolina offering jobs to radiology technicians. There are also diagnostic imaging centers and special radiology centers in the region where one can start off their career.